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the No Matter What series

an Atlantis series

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Welcome on the No Matter What series!

Why this community:

One day, Vicky sent the last chapter of her fic, Sweet Secret, to her beta, csiangel, and when she got it back, it was suggested that she turned it into a series. The problem was that she already had ideas that she couldn't include in that fic. So when she posted the last chapter to LJ, she asked people if she should continue this as a series. Responses were 100% positives… Seeing that she didn't have a choice, and because other ideas came in between, she decided that she really had to do it. Finding a title for this series took a long time and some help from csiangel, but it was finally found and she decided to create a community to host this series.

What you need to know about the series:

Setting: this series takes place in the Atlantis universe, some indefinite time after season 2.
Spoilers: there won't be any spoilers for s3+. But I might decide to put some info we have learned in these eps in the fics.
Characters: main characters are Atlantis ones as we know them with special appearances by SG1 characters and Atlantis recurring characters. Some characters were also created for this series.
Ships: This series will also focuse on some ships. Mainly John/Elizabeth (established), with some Ronon/Teyla, Laura/Carson (established), Kate/Lorne, and sometimes Sam/Jack (established)

Membership to the community is closed but you can friend the community to follow its updates.